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Today we discuss the Vaillant range, along with Glowworm of whom Vaillant also manufacture following their buy out many years ago.

We will talk about the top most common faults, any faults not named please let us know and we will include this as an update.

Below we will list them and provide further information, causes and fixes. If you wold like us to diagnose and repair your Vaillant boiler or heating system feel free to click above to call us.

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f75 vaillant

Vaillant F75

The wonderful, the annoying F75 Vaillant fault code, EVERYBODY! get this fault more than once in the boiler 10 year span. F75 on a Vaillant or Glow worm boiler relates to a circulation issue. It could be sludge, air, weakening pump, sensor failing. expansion vessel blocked. The list is quite large. however the one word that stands out here sludge, why?.

Sludge caused by corrosion of your system causes 95% of issues in heating system and F75 is the unfortunate fault that occurs often due to sludge. F75 can be diagnosed by a skilled engineer. firstly checking any air has been vented, the pump is strong and any blockages are cleared. Then you can test the sensors dc voltage checking if it sensors the change. Contact us to correctly have your diagnosed, along with sound advice to help prevent nuisance breakdowns. head to home above and click on our call line


F22 on Vaillant and Glowworm boilers. The headache of not knowing where the leak is. Well here we assure you not to worry, if you had a leak on the system, you would have spotted it by now. So F22 many of times relates to a lack or poor service by your engineers. Over time the pressure tank know as vessel, can become deflated and if left for to long can tear and fail, which can lead to more serious issues. However if found correctly can be easily repaired and at a low cost. A simple fault yet very damaging to the boiler. If your vessel is not correctly maintained, the pressure cannot be regulated therefore putting excessive stress to all joints, components and fittngs on you system. Please arrange a diagnostic visit above clicking our call line all free.


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