Hi welcome to todays article. We will discuss the Baxi fault E133.

Our diagnostics team will help and answer the solution to the fault code E133 on the Baxi, Main and Potterton boilers.

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What is Fault E133?

Fault Code E133 – relates to an ignition fault.┬á

The error code can becaused by many issues. Some of which faults can be a sign of more sinister issues.

When can E133 occur?

During the startup sequence of the Baxi Boilers expecially in models, Duo Tec, Platinum & many Main Elites and Potterton Promax boilers. The pcb will power up for ignition of the burner.

If the pcb fails to detect a flame from the burner or the ignition assembly fails directly to earth before ignition of the burner, the Boiler will show E133. many of times a simple blockage in the condensate pipework system can cause it to back up with water which will short the ignition assembly to earth instantly creating the E133 fault on Baxi, Main & Potterton range.

On cold icy days the condensate can becom blocked, due to ice build up. Its not a cold icy day!, OK, We need to consider getting a bit more techinical.

Incorrect voltage at the gas valve, iginition block or no voltage at all. These are all symptoms of E133.

If volatge is 0v on these tests, this can Inidicate an error with the pcb, Gas valve or Ignition block.

If the voltage is correct, then you may head to the actual electrodes and its spark. Are the electrodes serviced and clean, broken or poor continuity.

Having checked this and you are satified. Did you actually check to see if you had the correct gas supply to the boiler to operate. Proving that the minimum requirements under manufacturers instructions is met.

Ok so we have confirmed all the above is satisfactory however E133 still persists. Then this could lead to a more serious issue with the gas and air mix. With the outcome, a build up of Carbon Monoxide!.

Have our diagnostics team find the true cause and repair this fault for you at a fixed fair price. Contact our team HERE

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