Shannon has exciting news!

Shannon Construction & Heating Ltd has recently been purchased by Pegasus Solutions NW Ltd. With this we bring exciting times ahead.

Several new services will become available including

  • Commercial Gas Services
  • Renewable Energy Services
  • and much more.

Stay tuned to the site, as a new webiste is built alongside here. We will post an information pack to the right for you.

New Boiler Cost , Combi Boiler, Worcester, Vaillant, Baxi Deals


Your boiler is becoming less reliable and you feel its time for a new boiler. What does a new boiler cost ?.

Surprisingly a new boiler can be an affordable investment, due to the vast amounts of choices by manufacturers now competing for their boiler to be seen as the go to boiler.

Yes but, how do i know what brand to choose. This is where we come in. We are consultants to the home insurance industry, when it comes to guidance, we are the go to company for large insurance organisations. Due to our excellent service to all, we have been award partnership with the UK’s largest boiler plan supplier and 0% interest suppliers of new boilers. Below we show an example of this. HEAD HERE TO SUBMIT A FEW DETAILS TO GET A QUOTE



Why choose the Greenstar 1000?

  • Guaranteed – 5 years peace of mind^
  • Bosch quality – Great design at a lower price
  • Compact – Kitchen cupboard ready
  • QuickTap – No more wasting water waiting for it to heat up
  • Simple controls – Easy to use, clear controls to manage your heating
  • Efficient – A-rated for optimum energy efficiency and lower bills
  • ^5 year guarantee when fitted with any system filter.


To the left is a brief example a combi boiler cost on a boiler plan, along with the huge benefits. Now this may not be the choice for everyone, you may prefer to pay the whole cost or spread the cost interest free with no deposit. We will work with you to find the solution thats works to your budget.

When it comes to choosing the brand, we must say most are as reliable as the other. You do have you premium brands Worcester Bosh, Baxi, Vaillant

However you will be surprised to know that brands not as well know are infact much higher in value for money than premium brands. Plus the premium brands like BAXI own MAIN, VAILLANT own GLOWWORM. two medium range brands that hold excellent value for money and!! have the exact same parts inside. ITS JUST THE BADGE! which is different.

Speak with our friendly energy consultant also our Managing Director Ryan Shannon directly over the phone or via chat button to the right.


BOOK YOUR SERVICE HERE – This may come as a surprise to you, servicing your boiler or system can greatly increase your boilers efficiency. How?

Over time especially combi boilers. The heat exchanger within this type of boiler become retricted with iron oxide ( sludge ). This contamination causes 95% of breakdowns in your boiler and system.

If your system has a magnetic filter installed – this is cleaned away of any iron oxide and if required system topped up with inhibitor ( provided manufacturer allows inhibitor ).

If you do not have a magnetic filter, then in truth you have no means of stopping as much as possible of iron oxide making its way into the hydraulics of your boiler. Which will eventually block the heat exchanger in your boiler, along with its water moving parts and heating system controls ( Pumps, zone vales, isolation valves ).

We have 2 types of service tiers. STANDARD YEARLY & FULL STRIP DOWN ( Usually done each 5 years ). 

Gas, Plumbing & Heating Repairs

Our technical service team comprise of ex British Gas, 2 engineers between them hold over 50 years knowledge in the Domestic and Commercial Gas Industry

We contract to the largest Home & Government insurance providors – to do so we must ensure our first fix rate is above 95% and provide outstanding customer service. Our customers have been kind enough to give their feeback across many platforms one of which is Trustpilot, found above.

Our service rates are constantly monitored ensuring prices are competitive. We truly offer an oustanding service. Head here to our review page we try to keep updated as much as possible.

We hold accreditation for the large manufacturers – which is rewarded for providing excellence service to manufactures

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